Our Introduction RM Dairy Farms offers Fresh Pure Cow Milk for sale Our milk is unpasteurized, unhomogenized, and has a full, sweet cream top. It is excellent for drinking and making cheeses and butter. Most Cows are Frisian Production: Around 225 liters per day (Farm is located at Renala Khurd, Okara)

About Us

RD farm was established in 2009. We deal in sale and purchase of animals and provide best breed throught the country. We also del in sale of fresh milk.

Due to major developmental changes taking place over last two decades, dairy sector of Pakistan has attained the status of an industry. This industry has such a great attraction that investors not only from Pakistan but also across the world are rushing towards it and number of dairy set ups are increasing day by day. Today’s dairy farming in Pakistan is based on most modern lines touching the international standards.Dairy farmers work hard every day to bring you fresh, great tasting, wholesome milk products. Almost all dairies are family-owned, and as active members of their communities, farm families take pride in feeding our country and maintaining natural resources.

Quality & Safety

RM dairy farmer and milk processors are committed to providing you and your family with wholesome milk and dairy products. This commitment starts on the farm with top-notch animal care and extends across the supply chain