Our Introduction RM Dairy Farms offers Fresh Pure Cow Milk for sale Our milk is unpasteurized, unhomogenized, and has a full, sweet cream top. It is excellent for drinking and making cheeses and butter. Most Cows are Frisian Production: Around 225 liters per day (Farm is located at Renala Khurd, Okara)
Sold Cows
Neli Pure Buffaloe(1st lactation)(Tag.36)
20191102_165504 RM dairy farms offer Neli Pure Buffaloe(Tag.36)(1st lac) with katta.Milking capacity 15 ltrs. At present giving 13 ltrs.Price is fixed Price:245000 contact: 0333421

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Frisien Cross Cow(Tag.50)(2nd Lac)
20191102_170108 RM dairy farms offer Frisien Cross Cow(Tag.50)(2nd Lac) with wacha.capacit above 20 ltrs.Now the cow is giving 17 ltrs/day.Price is fixed.Price 235000 Contact :0333421

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Neli Ravi Buffaloe(2nd lac)(with katti)
20190922_1726055d91bfcb24db7.jpg RMDAIRYFARMS offer Neli Ravi Buffaloe(Tag.34)(with katti).2nd lactation.Search for more cows on net for rmdairyfarms.Price is fixed 190000 Contact:03334218117 [p

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Frisien Cow (Tag.66)with wachi(1st lac)
20190831_170652 RMDAIRY farms offers FRisien Cross Cow with wachi(Tag.66)(1st lac).Fully vaccinated.Search for more cows on net for 'rmdairyfarms'.Price is fixed.11-12 ltrs/day Rs. 13

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Frisien Cross Cow (Tag 80) (23 ltrs)
20190813_115645 RM Dairy farm offers Frisien Cross cow(23 ltrs).The cow has 3 teets and have immense potential for milking.price is fixed 205000 [print_gllr id=1935]

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Frisien Cross Cow (Tag. no 117)
20190810_174240 RM Dairy farms offers Frisien Cross Cow with Wacha(1st lac).milk 15 litrs. price is fixed   :Rs.165000 [print_gllr id=1933]

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