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Frisien Cow (Tag.66)with wachi(1st lac)

RMDAIRY farms offers FRisien Cross Cow with wachi(Tag.66)(1st lac).Fully vaccinated.Search for more cows on net for ‘rmdairyfarms’.Price is fixed.11-12 ltrs/day

Rs. 135000


Frisien Cross Cow (Tag 80) (23 ltrs)

RM Dairy farm offers Frisien Cross cow(23 ltrs).The cow has 3 teets and have immense potential for milking.price is fixed 205000

Frisien Cross Cow (Tag. no 117)

RM Dairy farms offers Frisien Cross Cow with Wacha(1st lac).milk 15 litrs. price is fixed   :Rs.165000