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Frisien Cross Cow(Tag.45)with wachi(2nd lactation)

MDAIRYFARMS offers Frisien Cross Cow(Tag.45) with wachi.2nd lactation.milk capacity 28+.Fully vaccinated from all viral diseases.Search for more cows on net for ‘rmdairyfarms’

Price is fixed. Rs. 295000


Frisien Cross Cow (Tag.100) with wachi

RMDAIRYFARMS offers FRisien cross with wachi(Tag. 100).Fully vaccinated from all viral diseases.At present cow is giving 12 ltrs/day.Search for more cows on net for ‘rmdairyfarms’.Price is fixed Rs.135000




Neli Pure Buffaloe(1st lactation)(Tag.36)

RM dairy farms offer Neli Pure Buffaloe(Tag.36)(1st lac) with katta.Milking capacity 15 ltrs. At present giving 13 ltrs.Price is fixed


contact: 03334218117

Frisien Cross Cow(Tag.50)(2nd Lac)

RM dairy farms offer Frisien Cross Cow(Tag.50)(2nd Lac) with wacha.capacit above 20 ltrs.Now the cow is giving 17 ltrs/day.Price is fixed.Price 235000

Contact :03334218117